About Us

hackers4hackers is a platform providing ratings of testing companies. Lists we collect for you include manual testing companies, security testing companies (also called white hat hackers), and firms, offering automation testing services.

Our purpose is helping businesses like yourself to find and hire best quality assurance company that will be able to address all your software testing needs and prevent any possible issues. On this platform, we’ve selected the best award-winning testing and QA companies. Making sure that your product is handled by the top quality assurance company available on the market – is our top priority, and we’ll guide you all the way to help you reach this goal.

Our methodology

Behind the rankings we prepare for your convenience, there are metrics helping us evaluate each web development services company based on its core competence, proficiency level, and most important, feedbacks from real clients.

Here’s how we assemble the rankings and lists:

We collect information

First, we collect information about every web design, testing, and web development services company we can find.

Then qualify companies

At this stage, we collect details on each web development services company: its services offerings, core competencies, location, portfolio.

Get client reviews

After gathering general information, we contact previous clients of each company. Contacting clients directly ensures getting relevant and real feedback on companies web development services.

Assign a score

After testimonials stage, we filter out companies with poor performance. Companies assessed as top professionals, and having relevant competence based on our research, get the highest rank.